How in the hell do we do it, juggling everything like a circus clown?

Jean - posted on 07/15/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I need several more hands, a few hugs wouldn't hurt either. No time nor energy for dating. I hate sites where dating is the priority. I'm too busy dating my 11 and 13 year old boys. Food, lets talk being pulled in eight different directions daily and how to cope. Lets talk bills and the lack of money and which ones to pay. I'm already juggling three plates and now im expected to let them toss in a few cups, I'm afraid Im going to drop them all. By the way I'm a dad


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/16/2015




Hang in there Gene! We ALL wonder about this at times!
Its time to get those boys involved a bit more in helping with everything! (Which can do double duty as scouting badges...check into it)
But, really, the other ladies have pretty much said everything that I would...except this: This really hectic time DOES end...and then you look back and wonder where it all went...I'm proof that one can raise two boys to adulthood and chin up, ducky! We're here if you need to vent

Jean - posted on 07/16/2015




I'm pulled in different directions as in scouts two days per week, church, school bus at seven where I drive three miles, then at four, shopping, school stuff, my job, cooking, cleaning, laundry, Cleaning house, quality time with them, homework, shopping, school activities, My day begins at 0500 and I think it is over around midnight. I'm not so much complaining as wondering how everyone else does it. I greatly respect single moms and dads. I have great cooking Ideas and skills, Id like to post pics of some of my "experiments" as the boys call them. Gene

Raye - posted on 07/16/2015




It is difficult to be a single parent. The best thing (and maybe the hardest) is to simplify.

Food... as Michelle said, cook a meal and if they don't eat, then they have to wait until the next meal (dinner left-overs can be eaten for breakfast, too!). Maybe you can prepare a few things on the weekends to keep in the fridge/freezer to make weekday meals less time consuming.

Money... well we all struggle with that one. Even being married with two incomes can be a challenge to find money to get the roof fixed, and the car's in the shop, and the washing machine flooded the basement, and the baseball fees are due, and the grocery bills, and the summer vacation, and the school supplies and clothes the kids will need in a few weeks. Ooops, went off and made that one about me. Sorry. It really is a juggling act, and you can only do your best to keep it under control.

Hugs/Hands/Dating... can't really help you much there. It is helpful to have a support system. You can try to get some reassurance on these forums, to know you're not alone and we appreciate the effort that you put in to being a parent. But we can't fill the need for personal interaction. Do you have any family around you? Any friends that also have kids that you could hang out with?

It's small comfort for us to say we feel your pain and hang in there. But we know it can be done. And I'm sure you're strong enough to get through it with some shred of your sanity left. :)

Michelle - posted on 07/16/2015




All single Mums do this every day as well. You do what you can and prioritize.
What do you mean by being pulled in different directions over food. My rule has always been, I cook 1 meal and if you don't like it, tough! I will NOT cook anything that will kill you or that is too spicy so eat or starve. It's simple and kids will eat if hungry.
My Mother did the same and my brother often had sandwiches for dinner.

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