How likely is it that Dad can full custody taken from me?

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While dad was in the Army, I filed for Divorce and somehow was given sole custody of our son. Dad was not apart of our sons life in the 5yrs that he was away. Not to many visits were in place, because he was more worried about marrying a foreign women in the Philippines. Dad is now back in our home state, out of the Army and living 10 mins away from our home. He has been here for a little over and month and has seen our son 3 times. He knows he can be with his son any given time that he wants and I wont refuse his visitation. When I was picking out schools for our son, I let him know about it and gave him the option to voice his opinion and he didn't do it. I have kept in involved with our sons health issues, everyday life etc. why he is not taking his visitation, i don't know, but now I believe his wife is coming to the states, and now wants to take me to court. He wants to take full custody away from me and wants me to pay him child support for our child. What help can his foreign wife be to his court case? They haven't been together in 2 yrs because she is still trying to get into the states, they only stay in contact via phone and or yahoo messenger. And what is the likely hood that he can get full custody taken from me? he can't even exercise his rights now. He don't make phone calls to our child, our son doesn't like the phone and our son doesn't like to webcam with his father either..I'm not working currently and dont have the money for a lawyer, so where can i look to get help for when court does happen.


Gwen - posted on 08/20/2012




It's very doubtful that you would lose custody of your child. More than likely, the court will order some type of standard visitation plan with you as the Residential Parent. Find yourself a lawyer. Document all visitation, phone calls, etc. Keep copies of everything in writing. The more documentation you have going in to court, the better prepared you and your attorney will be.

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