How long did you let your baby sleep on your chest before crib?

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My baby is now 1 wk 1 day old and I'm having the same problems as most posts are out there about babies refusing to sleep in their cribs.So long story short, is there a time when it's going to be too late, like at how old will be the point/deadline before he's spoiled and won't ever sleep in the crib? He's had to sleep on my chest since he was born/excluding basinet while at hospital. The past two nights he's been not just on my chest but laying beside me on his belly because we had to sleep at my dad's because of the hurricane winds knocked out our power/heat. I'm on maternity leave til the new year and I don't want to keep disturbing my boyfriend/baby's daddy with our son's cries so I started having our baby and I sleep on the couch(him on my chest of course). This upsets my boyfriend of course since he has to sleep alone. He's dedicated but I feel til I start work then we both get the sleep derived challenge.


Claudia - posted on 11/02/2012




My daughter's pediatrician told us to start worrying about forming bad habits when they're 3 months old. She said you can't possibly hold a baby too much when they're that young. They need that comfort, and to feel you near, especially at only a week old. Don't worry, mama, you're doing great! You're comforting your baby and that's a great thing. We used to have to hold our daughter for naps, but eventually we'd lay her down in her crib after she'd been asleep in our arms for 15 mins or so, then she didn't mind being there for naps and nighttime. Just try swaddling him and putting him in his crib at night after rocking him to sleep for about 15 mins. If he wakes up, that's fine, but be persistent every night. I honestly miss those days when my baby only wanted me to hold her. :(

Kaitlin - posted on 11/02/2012




Don't worry about spoiling her too much- you can't spoil a baby so young!

However, i would do some research on safe co- sleeping if you want to remain doing so. Also, put her to sleep on her back, always always always. Try swaddling her.


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Shelley - posted on 03/26/2016




For my twins, one has acid reflux and wouldn't sleep laying flat, we got bumpies an put those in the crib. Left them elevated and comfortable

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