How long do growth spurts last in newborns ?

Youngmummy - posted on 12/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My bubs is three weeks today and is constantly waking up every hour or so for a feed. I've been told about growth spurts but haven't been informed on how long they last for. They say that he will feed and feed and even after a long time on the breast, they're still not content. If so, is it likely that my bubs is over feeding ? Because he seems to get a funny tummy alot, and his vomit is quite projectile. It's be great if anyone could help me out on this one! Thanks !


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Elfrieda - posted on 12/01/2012




I have a 4 week old and just got through the growth spurt, it lasted about 4 days for my daughter.

Dove - posted on 12/01/2012




My son pretty much ate like that for the entire first year..... Not quite that often after the first month or two, but I'll let you know that he never went longer than 4 hours w/out nursing til he was about a year and a half.

Is he fussy a lot too.... or is he a happy spitter? He may have reflux or another digestive issue... or just may need to mature a little bit longer. My son had reflux and nursing was his comfort. He won't over feed at the breast.

If he's fussy w/ projectile vomiting you may want to talk to his doctor about it.

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