How long does it take 8 and 9 years old girls to get settle in new neighborhood? They came from very friendly neighborhood ??


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Rachel - posted on 09/26/2013




It takes time. They're still missing their old friends. It's a big adjustment for them. It will happen. They'll meet new friends soon and get used to being where they are. It takes time to settle in.
It's not easy being the new kid. I've moved quite a bit but as shy as I was, I always made new friends, it just took some time.

Binal - posted on 09/26/2013




We just moved from town house to new house in the nice town. I have two daughters and they seems to have tough time to get adjusted in new neighborhood. At the old house we had very friendly people living around and they all had girs, there were 9 girls. They were playing together all the time, they were very close to each other. In the new house they are getting lonely and cry a lot thinking about their old friends. There are many kids in the new neighborhood but it's always hard to be a new kids in the block where they each and everyone have their best friend. They think nobody likes them and walking away from them. My girls try to fit in but I think they haven't found a way. I feel very sad. I try to keep them busy by extra activities after school but I really wish they do find friends here.

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