How long does it take for babies with Celebral Palsy respond to PT

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My 14 month old was diagnosed with Mild CP, 6 months ago, i immediately started him off on PT.
However after 6 months of PT, He is still floppy, cant sit unaided,he cant hold his head up (poor head control), finds it difficult to turn his head from one side to another, he cant roll, he doesn't even attempt to crawl, he also doesn't like sitting, when put in a sitting position, he tries to stretch his back in order to come out of the position. He still seems to prefer using the left side more (to no vail).
According to the Physiotherapist, his cognitive part is intact.

This month i am due a visit to the neurologist, Below is a report shared by the Physiotherapist,for the Neurologist.

Mike is a one year old with delayed mile stones due to some mild cerebral palsy. He has been on rigorous physiotherapy for the above quarter; he preliminarily had poor trunk control in all positions of lying, kneeling and standing. The left upper limb was weak but had no apparent tightness or dyskinesia’s, visual motor control was not yet developed, saccadic eye movements were good, Dysdiadochokinesias were apparent, ATNR and Babinski were abolished.
The quarterly goal was to rehabilitate his motor ability to achieve upright sitting posture.
Several techniques were done consistently 3 times a week, and he presently has the following neurological sequel,
He can now raise his head with arms supported in prone lying.
He can follow objects for an average 30-40 seconds in lying, sitting and standing.
Postural tone in graded kneeling to upright kneeling is fairly o.k.
General impression: the improvement over the previous quarter has been small but promising. He has improved his posture in graded kneeling.
However it was observed that training a higher activity produces an abnormal tightness in the left upper and lower limbs. This clinical sequel has made it very difficult to achieve totally independent trunk and head control control.
Plan for the next quarter: Rotational equilibrium techniques will be introduced to inhibit postural dyskinesia.

I have always asked the physios when they expect he would start sitting or attempt to crawl or even roll over from one side to another, they all cant give any rough timelines.
It feels hopeless, i am beginning to worry i am missing something, something that could end up haunting me.

Any ideas on how long one starts seeing some signs when on PT?


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Every child is different and it will be ongoing therapy for the rest of life in some way or another.
Maybe see if there is a support group in your area where you can meet up with other parents and share stories and experiences.

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