How long does it take for breasts to dry up?

Jackie - posted on 03/20/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I'm just curious to know about how long it takes for breasts to stop producing milk? I had my second child two months ago and chose to bottle feed, and my boobs are still leaking. They stopped for about a week and a half but just recently started up again. I dont' remember having this issue with my first child whom I also bottle fed. Any one out there have similar experiences?


Kristi - posted on 03/20/2009




I just woke up one day and they had dried up and I was trying to breast feed. So I am not sure...have you tried asking your doctor?

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Cynthia - posted on 03/20/2009




This is kind of a strange thing, but.....I am a nurse that used to work in a NICU. About three years ago, I had a lump in my breast, it was sore, I was scared to death. So, of course, I had an ultrasound guided biopsy. It was a clogged milk duct. Now, I hadn't nursed a baby for at least 18 years at that time, but I would be in the NICU, listening to the baby's cry, and I would feel what would feel like milk letdown, and the next thing I knew I have a clogged milk duct, because I would hear the baby's cry, the mommy thing started to kick in, I had a discharge and the next thing I know, a clogged milk duct. Thank God that was all it I think they may produce milk for a very long time given the right circumstances. I hope this helps. Cynthia Morgan, R.N.

Nanette - posted on 03/20/2009




It is different for every mom. I nursed my son for six months and still have not fully dried up and he will be four in August. Good luck!

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I nursed my son for 22 months he is now 28 months and if i squeeze my nipples I still get a few drops

Brandy - posted on 03/20/2009




I weaned my daughter at 8 months and now she is 11 months old and if i squeeze my boobs, I still get a couple of drops on the end of my nipple.

Angela - posted on 03/20/2009




My doctor always told me to wear a tight bra or sports bra for a couple of weeks when I was ready to dry up. I did this when my milk started to deplenish. ( I only pumped milk and did mostly bottle feeding). My milk dried up within 3-4 days of wearing a tight bra. Also try to avoid any sort of stimulation to the nipple (like a hot shower)can make milk let down.



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It depends on the person but my doctor suggested wearing tight fitting clothing and bras 24hours a day to help out. Also, try cold compresses and cabbage leaves to help dry it up. Avoid any heat on them, like hot/warm water in the shower as it makes them produce more milk!

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