How long does it take to remove parental rights?

Liz - posted on 08/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ok ladies I need help. I live in North Carolina and my son is almost three months old, his father has not seen him in almost two months, and hasn't contacted me in seven weeks. Does anyone know how long it must be before his parental rights are taken away? He verbally attacked me while I was in the hospital after having our son and I honestly feel scared to be around him. He is very immature and drinks all the time. I do no feel comfortable having my son around him either, but with him not making an effort I shouldn't feel bad right?


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Dove - posted on 08/19/2012




It depends on the law in your state and the particulars of your situation (you would need a lawyer to tell you), but 'typically' speaking it's one or two years with no contact and no support unless a judge sees fit to remove his rights otherwise... though I highly doubt that would happen just based off your op. Some states won't remove one parent's rights unless there is another person willing to take the place of the missing parent.

And that's all I know about that. Call up a lawyer and ask them.

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