how long to wait if u had a c-section w/first baby in order to have a next one?by natural labor?help

Juana - posted on 12/07/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




my child just turn 1yr old 12/3/2009 but i really want another baby but the fact that i had a c-section dont know if its alright to start trying again?? i really want to try to have a natural birth but im scared it might not happen =( when i had thec-section after it i felt like i wasnt a reall women b-cuz i couldnt have my baby naturally like evryone else of my family but im willing to try this time but for how long should i wait can anyone help me??


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Amanda - posted on 12/07/2010




I was told by my midwife I could get pregnant when my son was 9 months so there would be 18 months between them.

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I 'think' I've heard that the births should be 2 or more years apart, but since VBAC is not an option where I live I couldn't tell you for sure.

HOW your baby gets out isn't nearly as important as them getting out safely and alive. I'm sorry you have some unresolved issues surrounding the birth of your first child. You are NO less a woman than anyone that's delivered vaginally.

Sadie - posted on 12/07/2010




I have to agree with Catherine, it's a shame you feel that way about the delivery of your first child. I would make an appointment with your Dr or someone involved in your care and find out the reason you had the first C-section, if it's a physical reason, then chances are you might go the same way this time around.
You should still be amazed at what the body can do. You created life, who cares how the child was born as long as you are healthy and so is the baby it's a brilliant outcome. Who cares how the rest of your family had their children, this is you and your family.
As to when you can have another child I would say the 18 months would be about average, but get yourself in the right frame of mind so you aren't disappointed with yourself if you don't get the natural birth.

Catherine - posted on 12/07/2010




After my c-section, I was told something different than Rachel's sister. My OB said that you should wait 18 months between pregnancies (so get pregnant when your baby is 18 months) to be able to safely try for a natural delivery. In the end, it really depends on the doctor, the hospital, and the reasons for your first c-section. It may be something to ask your doctor/midwife to see what their policies are.

I'm sorry that you feel like having a c-section makes you any less of a woman or mother than anything else. Remember, in the end, your goal is to have a healthy baby and to be alive to enjoy him/her, regardless of how that baby is born.

Rachel - posted on 12/07/2010




my sister had a c section and she was informed by her midwives to allow you to go natural for the next you have to get preg after your baby is 9 months.... so atleast 18 months between..... so you should be just fine. although you may have to search for a car provider who will help you some are against anything but a c section no matter what

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