How long was your labor

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I had a very long labor how long did it take for other mums to feel like they were ready for another child ☺


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Wow Sarah E. My oldest (daughter 26 soon) was a 20 hour labor from early morning to baby and she was born at 11:55 pm. I had been in labor all day long and after some time they gave me pitocin to speed up the labor though the monitor was not picking up my hardest contractions. I had my mother, mother inlaw, ex husband, and a close family friend who told the docs she was my sister so she could stay in the room with me. When I got to transition I asked for another dose of pain meds and slept while I went from dilation of 5 to 10 in an hour. I did not have an epidural and had one other dose of pain meds early on. I did have to have an epitomize but that was it. My son who is now 19 I would go stay with a friend in town during the day to be able to get to the hospital since we lived so far away from the hospital. I would go into labor and contractions would be 15 minutes apart during the afternoon and stop when I got home. I did that for about 3 weeks. It was a Saturday and I had stayed home and my ex had gone to work. I was leaking water but thought it was the baby sitting on the bladder and did not think much of it as the leak was like a very slow drip. We went to the hospital and had them check and sure enough it had broke but I was not having labor. So they had me walk the halls for two hours and when that did not start anything they induced my labor at midnight. At 8:38 I gave birth so my actual labor and birth time was cut by almost 2/3's. I also had one full dose of pain meds at that time given half at a time. The ones with me then were my mom and ex husband. The next morning when my then 6 year old daughter got to come meet her brother, I never saw a more proud sister.
My daughter did an extraordinary thing with both her kids when she gave birth. She went natural and as tiny as she is you would have thought she'd have a C-section. She gave birth natural to her daughter and smiled when she pushed her out. With her son she had to have pitocin but during her contractions she smiled after each one. I have never heard of a woman doing such a thing when in labor/birthing a child. She did wonderful.

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I was very fortunate. I was induced with my first, lasted 3.5 hours before I begged for an epidural; too late. Baby born 4.5 hours from start. Number 2; 90 minutes from waters breaking to baby arriving on the floor or the bathroom of the hospital (awkward and crowded). Number 3; three hours from waters breaking to baby and number 4; water broke 7pm, no contractions so pitocin was started and she arrive at midnight on the button.
I am a former labor and delivery nurse. Every delivery is different and every delivery is a trauma to be processed. That is why we, as new moms, so willingly share delivery stories, it helps us process them and prepare us to "forget" certain parts so we will be willing to try again. I have a good friend who is writing her dissertation on this very topic. It is often the moms with a negative post delivery experience/complication (needing to have an episiotomy repaired surgically, or infection) that are most reluctant to give childbearing another try.

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