How long were you ttc before starting clomid?

Momma Of 4 - posted on 05/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been ttc for 10 months now... regular sex, changed my diet, quit smoking, drink once in a while.... not pregnant yet.

I've heard about clomid and am curious as to how long people TTC before being prescribed it?

Also, my Mom's a twin, not sure it makes a difference... and we would be happy either way!


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Keala - posted on 10/12/2016




I am new to this and sorry in advice for the spelling me and my partner been trying for nearly 3 years I have been put on clomid I was on 50 mg to start no joy so I am after taken my second dose at 100mg and hoping it work this time we said if it didn't we try once more as doctor gave me four months of clomid my projettrone was 28 I getting it done again tomorrow any advice some can give is

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1 year the 1st attempt at clomid and I think 10 months the 2nd attempt. Both resulted in pregnancies but miscarried due to a progesterone deficiency. It was actually m/c #3 as my 1st pregnancy we ttc for 1 year but with no medical assistance. My 4th pregnancy was very spontaneous and no clomid, but it was immediately following #3 so my body still had some residual meds. All the very best to you!

Sarah - posted on 05/16/2012




We were TTC for 8 months when we discovered I had a medical condition that caused infertility. We were given the referral to a fertility specialist who told us our chances of conceiving naturally were about 6%, and carrying that pregnancy to term 50%. We had put the plan in to start Clomid. It would have been started 1 year after we had started TTC. As it was, we did naturally conceive, and we found out 3 days before I was to start Clomid. I would not just jump to Clomid as a first option without investigating why you haven't conceived. Some couples do take a year or more to conceive. Many doctors won't consider it infertility unless it's been longer than a year. However, it's worth checking out first. I'm also not sure they would start you on Clomid without any investigation either.

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