How many and how often should I give my baby, baby food?

Ashley - posted on 09/02/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My pediatrician told me that Sophia can get started on solids, she'll be four months on the 16th, so two weeks from now and I started her on Aug 25. I'm not sure how often or how many compotas I'm supposed to be giving her, I think I misunderstood my pediatrician. She told me two in the morning and night but I interpreted it as one fruit in the morning and one veggie at night. My whole family keeps telling me that it's supposed to be one fruit and one veggie in the morning and one fruit and one veggie in the night. I was also wondering how Im supposed to be giving her her milk now that she's eating baby food. I usually give her her 6 oz of milk when she wakes up and 4-5 hours after that I give her her first compota, if she's still hungry I give her 2-4 oz of milk. Then I wait another 5-6 hours for her 6 oz bottle, then 4-5 hours for her other compota, so on.


Dove - posted on 09/02/2016




She shouldn't be having any solids under 6 months at all. Under 6 months ALL a baby should be consuming is breast milk or formula. No other foods or liquids of any kind are necessary and can be potentially harmful. No idea what compota is...?

Once she is 6 months (if she is ready)... a small amount of solids once a day is plenty for at least a month or two... or 3. Milk is supposed to make up the bulk of her diet under 12 months and it already sounds like she isn't drinking often enough... Granted, I only have experience breastfeeding straight from the tap, but even my schedule fed kids nursed every 3 hours until probably 5-6 months old (and then it was every 4 hours until they were eating solids 3 times/day).

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