How many christmas gifts are to much?

Angie N - posted on 12/04/2014 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am a mother of three and I have been trying to guess for the last three years about, what to get my children for Christmas? I don't want to keep spoiling them trying to get them everything that they ask for. What do you think?


Sarah - posted on 12/04/2014




Maybe picking an angel off the angle tree for each of your kids and getting gifts for someone that is in need along with getting some gifts for your children. I think that helps kids learn that not everyone has a Christmas with gifts as some families can't afford gifts. For some kids the things they ask for for their gifts are things the need not wants....underwear, socks, etc.

Ev - posted on 12/04/2014




I actually like Dove's suggestion. This year I made a job change and its going to make it a smaller Christmas for us. So I am doing simple and small as well. Its not the amount spent on the gifts, or the gift itself but the meaning behind it. Maybe you could incorporate that idea into your holiday?

Dove - posted on 12/04/2014




This is my 14th Christmas as a mother. I have always done small and simple and I will never do it any other way.


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Wanda - posted on 12/05/2014




I believe that Christmas is a time that kids get that little special something that we may not give them throughout the year. Not lots of gifts, just maybe something they know they wouldn't get during a regular period of time.

Angie N - posted on 12/05/2014




Thanks ! to all your input is great! I will be taking these ideas and putting them to good use because I do not want to be broke on Christmas. I actually did take the time out to explain to my children the meaning of Christmas and what it really stands for. They also know that Santa is not real I don't want to feed them the false hope of a man coming in the night to bring gifts I never have because when I found out there was no Santa it broke my heart as a child and this was because my mom did not have the money that Christmas like she did all the other years so she finally had to tell me the truth I don't want my kids to ever feel like I felt when there was nothing under the tree.

Gena - posted on 12/05/2014




We do it like this,our son has told us two things he would like. The one toy we will get for him and my parents and sister will get him the other toy. The other presents will be smaller things like a game and a puzzle and some clothes. Things he can use and needs. There is another toy he has seen on tv its called Simon Swipe,he asked for that aswell but he wont get it because he is too young. I think its ok to get a child one bigger toy and the rest can be things they need. But i dont find it right to get a child everything they want.

Michelle - posted on 12/04/2014




Just because your children ask for a lot of things doesn't mean they get it all. My children know that they can make a list and we will decide what we actually get them.
They get 1 gift from each adult couple in the family and they don't expect anything else.

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