how many mom's or mom to be out there have rsd?


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first things first i had the spinal cord stimulator and it cause my rsd to spead to my back and caused me to get seizures so i would from my past problems would say try other things first then next would be reseach and find great drs that really know their stuff that dont just jump on the next treatment if the read something or heard something . i see a neurologist and i go to the cleveland clinic for pain and i live in michigan so we travel and also never ever use ice . ice makes it worse cause more pain and color change also weather change fall to winter the cold (snow) or real bad rain storms causes flare ups if she does have a flare up her dr can find the right meds that can work for her . also dont be surprised if she gets real bad migranes also cause that can happen in some people. and so can moods be patient it is a long road and tough on too . in our family our dr is very interested because there are 3 cases confirmed and maybe one more if the person would allow testing i am the olny female out of my family that has the rsd the rest are all males mine is in my right foot and lower backmy uncle has it in his left hand my cousin has it in both arms and hands and we believe my dad has it in his left hand also all except one was cause be surgery and that was my uncle he drilled thur his hand . but both my uncle and myself see the same drs and since i did the scs my uncle and cousin saw how bad i got from it and refuse that treatment but with new meds and therapy they are ok and living ok lives so im i . i have 4 kids at home and some how we do ok with getting things done your sister just needs to find the right dr to help her and the less cutting the better off she is

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Hi my name is BobbiDee and i do not have RSD my my younger sister does and she is having quite a hard time dealing with all that comes with it... she was a Johnson & Whales trained Baking and Pastry chef and now cant do what she loved BC the RSD is in her right ankle, knee and they thinkk is spreading into her hip.... I feel so bad bc i dont know what she is going though.... it showed up about 6 months after her daughter was born after a fall at work have she had her son while out on comp with the RSd ...she has since had her tubes tied and she is only 26 but the labor with patrick almost cost her , her life...but i would like to know more about the RSDsa so mayb i can help her a little more... and maybe give her someone else to be able to talk to about it that truly understand what she is going thru... they think she maybe going into stage 2 and she is scared... and now they are trying to get a stimulator put into the nerves in he spine and she has problems trying to keep up with her 3 and 1 year old...I know she could use a friend that understands

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My name is Danielle and I have RSD. I have been thur 2 pregnancies and maybe I can help someone with better info then what I found on these chat rooms which I found was nothing . I have 2 healthy babies both are 10 months apart and 2 different drs which I can give you 2 differnt outlooks . Also i went totally natural with my oldest and had a c-section with my youngest so another out look too so if any one does need to talk cause have RSD and being pregnant is very scary but knowing what to expect makes it easier. Thank you for your time.


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