How many people had natural birth? How was the experience and how long was your labor?

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I did natural birth and was in so much pain with the contractions, I felt dehydrated and like I was constipated. My labor lasted 1 hr & a half, only because we were waiting an entire hour for the anesthesiologist to come & do my epidural. I ended up having to go through natural child birth because i had quickly dilated 10 centimeters. Once, i started pushing i felt so relieved, it was like simply doing the number two, the contractions went away immediately. TMI? Haha, well I enjoyed the experience. How about you?


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Aubrey - posted on 11/19/2011




With my first my water broke (first sign that I felt I was in labor) and the contractions right after my water broke started to come 3-5 minutes apart and where really intense, finally after 12 hours of really hard intense no break contractions he finally arrived, I had him at home and it was a great!
My second I had in the hospital (daughter) her labor was only 3 hours long contractions with her started out 3-5 minutes apart as well but after 2 hours of labor the dr had to break my water and a hour later she was here,
My third(boy) was 11.5 hours long, contractions with him did the same thing as the other two 3-5 minutes apart from start to finish, His labor was like having a first baby all over again, really hard again and my cervics wasn't fully effaced when I felt the urge to push so I had to push around a little cervics (that was not fun at all) but the joy of having him in the arms was well worth it all. I did it all natural with all three kids and will do it natural with anymore kids that we have.

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C-section for my first and natural for my second.

I labored for 9 hours with my first. At 10 cm, my water broke and they 'discovered' that she was breech. So I had a semi-emergency c-section.

I'm not really sure how long I was in labor with my second. I had random contractions for weeks. Then one night they were 10-15 minutes apart and weren't going away. My oldest was with her grandmother, so my husband and I walked around the neighborhood. Then I took a bath. We stayed up timing. I went to the hospital around 2 am and was surprised to find out I was 8 cm. She was born at about 4 am.

I'd take natural labor over a c-section any day!

Kate CP - posted on 11/19/2011




Natural birth with my daughter. 24 hours from start to finish. Labor stalled out at around the 20 hour mark, got admitted to the hospital and the pitocin was started. 4 hours and a tiny tear later my girl was born.

Now my son...that was 6 days of pure hell. I was finally admitted to the hospital at 3cm at about 10 at night; got the epidural 1 hour after that; slept for an hour and 45 minutes; woke up and pushed for 15...out he came.

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Omg! 7 hrs? Did they allow you a snack (no, huh?), what about water? Since you have had you c- section, is that the only way you can deliver a child now?

Sharlene - posted on 11/19/2011




7 hrs long no drugs, it bloody hurt but afterwards the joy of tears with my first and then other 3 children C-Section

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