how many people have had soft markers?

Lynnelle - posted on 03/28/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




how many people have had "soft marker" on the ultrasounds? i just had my 20 wk us and they found a soft marker on the babies heart and now i am freaking out! all of my test so far have been negative for anything so i dont understand why this is coming up now! and hoping nothing is wrong with this baby!


Kaitlin - posted on 03/28/2012




a few things: first, US's are not a perfectly clear picture of what is going on in there- it could be nothing. Second, false positives, and even positive heart defects/problems are actually quite common, many children grow out of them by around 3-5, and other things that could be the reason for them (Downs, for example, I'm looking at that myself right now) are false positives all the time. Third, medicine can do wonders these days. To me, the risks involved with tests like amnios (1 in 300 miscarriage) is too great for me when I know I want my baby anyway. We did level 2 u/s to check the heart again and will probably do more closer to delivery in case the baby will need any immediate care, but that's where WE are at. Talk to your doctor, call them with your questions, and don't be shy. Write everything down. It helps me anyway

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