how many word should my 1 year old baby boy say


Raye - posted on 05/18/2015




At one years old the child should be making sounds that are close to words (saying bobble instead of bottle, stuff like that), and saying a few words that they hear often such as hi, ma-ma and da-da or other very simple words. By 18 months a toddler should use between 6 and 20 simple words. By two years, a toddler should be using 50 or more single words. By three years, your toddler's vocabulary should be around 300 words and they should be able to string words together to form simple sentences such as "I go now".

Make sure you are working with your child trying to get them to say words, but don't get frustrated with them if they don't get it right all the time. Help build up their confidence so they feel more comfortable trying to speak. Praise them when they get words correct. And if they get it wrong, maybe correct them once or twice, then say "that's ok, you'll get it" and move on. But make sure you revisit whatever they're having trouble with. Don't let them call a bottle a bobble their whole life, no matter how cute it is that they say it that way.

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