How many words should a 13 month old know

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Okay so my son will be 13 months on the 17th and he says;

Mama, Mom, Dada, Dog, K-A( for cat) and Duck

and if I ask him what the cow says he says MMMMMM

He knows what each words means and points to what he is referring to.

He also understands alot of what I say, I can tell him to go get pretty much anything and he


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If you can understand what he wants and he can understand and acknowledge what you say, then he's doing great! You listed 7 words he can say. Your MIL wants speech therapy when he is 3 words short? That's insane.

It's important to remember that milestones are not etched in stone. They are more like guidelines. It's the AVERAGE age that kids will do something. That means half will be ahead of the suggested age and half will be behind.

Nikki - posted on 07/07/2010




Thank you, It never really crossed my mind, until we we started looking at daycares and my family and his saying he is behind and I started to question it. Also his MIL wants me to put him in speech therapy and Im avidly fighting her on that, she drives me mental sometimes

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Your son sounds like he's doing just fine, at 13 months my son could say several words but rarely spoke unless to utter dadda, daddy, dadam (dad is called Adam) but because he was an early walker I have never been concerned.

Now at 16 months my son only says 13 words consistently... daddy, momma, nana, grandad (gradad), juice, yeah, stairs, down, up, milk, dog (do), gone and baba. He can do some animal noises as well, he oofs for dogs, iaow for cats, oooooo for monkeys, mmmmmoo for cows, and baa for sheep. But he can understand so much more than what he says, which is perfectly normal.

We have used baby sign to help him learn language and he does use some of the signs, milk, gone, bird, duck and hot which is great because it helps us understand him.

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My daughter is 13 months she can say well over 10 words, but thats not average. Your son doesn't sound average either. He sounds above average.

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My son says more words by signing that he does verbally - he attempts to say the words as well as sign though. he is 18 months and knows probably 20 words or more but cannot say many properly except, daddy, mummy, hiya, bye, yeah, no and 'more', cat=ca, dog = dO, juice = jucsh, shoes = jucsh, hot = O, cold = cO, done = duh, food = nannie, please = pweas and the usual thank you = ta.

My health visitor say that by the age of 2 they expect 20 SOUNDS not words so as long as they are attempting to say the word whether or not it sounds perfect is not important.

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My daughter went to the Dr for her first year shots today. The nurse asked my husband and I if our daughter was at least saying three or more words, so I'm thinking your son is right where he needs to be!! Babies learn at their own rate as well , so their is nothing to worry about, though I am a new mother my self so I was asking my self the same question not long ago. However if you still find yourself worried , you could ease your mind by making an appt with a professional.

If you do decide to go to a prof,take your MIL with you , so then she can hear from a professional that your son is doing great and that she needs to lay off... The nerve of some people!!

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Speech therapy? Honestly? I think she might have some screws loose. You're son sounds very bright and from what I know, pretty advanced. My son will be 1 on Sunday and he hardly says anything. He says mama and dada (sometimes, but it sounds more like ha-da) and he's said book a few times but it sounds more like buh, and my mom to him is banana and he says baba. He also babbles on all day long. He's saying things, we just can't understand them yet. LOL. So I think you're son is doing just fine!!! Don't worry about what other people tell you. You know him best. I wouldn't be worried at all though.

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my 3 year old didn't start talking until he was 2 years old. my 2 year old talks more then my 3 year old does. Every child is different.

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Ignore the peanut gallery. Your son is a genius. Many of the other 13 month olds in my playgroup only have Dada and Hi mastered. According to Baby Center that at that age they usually have 2 words besides moma and dada.

And if you are really concerned, remember kids usually focus on one skill at a time. So early walkers tend to be late talkers and vice versa.

Ultimately, every baby is different. Ignore the unsolicited advice.

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