How many words should my 18 mo. old twins be saying?

Emily - posted on 11/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have twins they were 3 months early, my Mother in Law keeps saying how when my husband was their age he would say sentences. And telling my husband I'm not teaching them enough... I they say some words but how much is normal?


Dove - posted on 11/25/2014




There is such a WIDE range of 'normal' speech in young toddlers. I've known a 2 year old that was pretty much only saying 'mama' and a 2 year old that was holding intelligible conversations w/ adults. If they can hear and understand, are saying some words, and their doctor isn't concerned... just tell your mother-in-law that they will develop at THEIR pace... not whatever pace anyone else developed.

If you have speech concerns... you can get it checked out, but 'I' wouldn't worry at all at this point.

Sarah - posted on 11/25/2014




Each child is going to be different. And twins are going to be different too. Twins tend to talk later then singles as they tend to create their own language. A lot will change in the next 6 months. Now is the time that they are learning new words almost everyday. That does not mean they will be saying them. As long as they are saying some words and they continue to learn new ones then I would not worry yet. Keep talking to them. When they know a word require them to say it if they are asking for something. Try to encourage them to use their words instead of whining. You can also ask your doc if there is a concern. Honestly I would talk with the doc just so you have a comeback to your mother in law letting her know that that doc has no concern and thinks they are growing and developing at a great rate. Saying sentences at 18 months is pretty rare and my guess is that your mother in law does not really remember when your husband started talking in sentences this far out.


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