How much and how often should my 4month be eating

Jessica - posted on 03/07/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 4month old daughter goes to bed at 9p.m and gets up at 10 a.m

she eats at 10a.m a 5oz formula bottle but we add oatmeal cereal so it comes to 6oz we have to make it thick like paste Riley hospital told us to do it because of reflux yes she is on meds for it as well then she eats again at 3p.m and the at 8p.m.. my question is how much should she be eating and how often should she eat? I don't feel like thats enough also the doc told me to start her on baby food but i don't know how to fit it in i don't want to take away a bottle and replace it with babyfood.. also can I add one scoop of powder formula to her babyfood or add an extra scoop of formula to her bottle? I let her sleep untill 10 because i was always told to let them tell you when there hungry so i wait untill she wakes crying because she is hungry


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Kate CP - posted on 03/07/2012




A baby should eat as much as they want when they want.

edited to add: I would see a GI specialist about reflux because just giving cereal may not be helping.

Jessica - posted on 03/07/2012




we cant just give her straight formula with out the cereal because she will throw the whole bottle back up its so bad it even comes out of her nose i feel like she needs more formula i just don't know how plus her doc told me start her on the solids i just don't know how with out taking a bottle away and giving her babyfood instead i mean she is gaining weight fine she went from 7lbs at birth to 14lbs 11oz but i worry that she needs more milk and she can thrust her tongue and she can hold her head just fine she cant sit up on her own yet but she comes close. Can I put one scoop of powder formula into a 2oz jar of baby food no water and spoon feed her?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/07/2012




Not crazy about adding anything to formula, except water. But, if you are going to add more formula, you MUST add more water. To me, it honestly does not sound like enough feedings. What about doing the oatmeal cereal on the schedule you have, but add another 1-2 regular just formula feedings between her regular feedings? 6months is the recommended age for solids, when they can hold their own heads, sit up on their own, and they are tongue thrusting. Feed her when she is hungry, but you can also offer. Sounds like she is sleeping well, and NEVER wake her up!

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