How much are your 20 month old boys talking?

Chrisma - posted on 10/10/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi there

I have a 20 months old twin - a boy and a girl. They were born 4 weeks early as expected as I didn't feel good anymore ( emotionally).

Anyway, my twins could be multi-lingual. Me and my husband are both foreigners and living in the foreign land. I used to speak english with him. I talked my mother language to the twins. My huband talks his mother tounge to them and they're going to the kindergarten and hear 2 different languages as well.

a few months ago, I heard my twin boy started to say hi and bye, though it was not that really clear but it sounded positive to me. But lately, he was not talking anymore. He stopped looking in my eye whenever I tried to talk to him. He's kind of lost his focus. He's always on the dream world and maybe having his own world. It seems like, either he didn't hear us or he simply ignore us. But when my mobile phone rings or I turned on his favorite series on Netflix, he was way to fast running on to the TV.

The twin girl is a lot more diffrent. Very active, happy and she' talking a lot. Whatever words she may hear, she was imitating it.

I already consulted our family doctor for two times already, they said nothing wrong with his ears. We also brought him to the eye doctor a few weeks ago for some reasons and doctor realized that he was not really reacting on some pictures she was showing. ( But ofcourse, she said, it's still early to say sothing so we were advised to go back after 6 months )

I don't know. But maybe you have something to share. It will be really appreciated. :)

Thank you everybody!

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