How much breastmilk for a 1 year old allergic to dairy?

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My daughter is 1 year old is allergic to dairy. I'm still breastfeeding but am only doing so 2-3 times a day as am trying to switch her on to a hydrolyzed milk formula like Aptamil Pepti 2 or Neocate. My dr. said to do this as she may not be getting enough calcium in her diet. Well this has been a disaster as as has not taken well to this at all. I've tried flavouring it, cooking with it and just about anything else I could think of but all with poor results. I've resorted to try and give her expressed milk just so I could have a little free time but turns out she will only take in a little bit of this. She doesn't get upset without the breastmilk but obviously needs some sort of calcium and am at a loss as to what to do. Do I continue to breastfeed for another year and if so how much? Is 2-3 times a day enough? Or can the calcium be replaced by alternative milks and diet? It's all to confusing at the moment and not to mention the feelings of guilt I'm having of wanting to stop breastfeeding if this is what she needs.


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I agree with the others I would just feed her on demand if she's not taking to the formula very well or express into a cup so you can go out if you want without her for a bit. Also there are many foods other than dairy with calcium.

Nondairy Foods with Calcium

Getting enough calcium can be a especially hard if your kids are allergic to milk. These nondairy foods can be good choices for kids with milk allergies who need calcium:
Collard greens
Turnip greens
White beans
Baked beans
Brussel sprouts
Sesame seeds
Bok choy


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Thanks for all the advice! I try to give her a pretty varied diet. I'm i'm guessing like most kids sometimes she has a big appetite and other times she'll have one or two bites and refuses anything else...these are the days that worry me. I put her into a routine since she was about 6 months as her dermatologist suggested that if she knew what her days were like and knew what was coming next it might help to avoid any stressfull moments which in turn aggravated her skin and made her scratch like mad. since then she's been breastfeeding first thing in the morning again around 10:30ish, another a 3 and again just before bed. I've been trying to get her to do the two middle feeds out of a cup but doesn't seem too interested in them. she'll have a few sips maybe but doesn't cry out for the real thing. If I offer her a boob she'll take it but if i don't she doesn't seem to mind going without it. Wasn't sure if this is just her way of telling me it's time to cut down a feed...but then again the feelings of uncertainty kick in and all i can think about is CALCIUM! argh!

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Personally, I'd be breastfeeding her at least 3-4 times/day unless/until her diet consists of enough other foods to make up for the calcium, protein, and fats (among other ingredients) that she is getting from the breast milk.

You don't HAVE to continue to breastfeed, but I really do think it is best in this circumstance.

Hopefully someone else can give you another perspective.

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