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Gina - posted on 11/28/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




Hello ladies,

I recently stopped breastfeeding due to personal reasons. However, I started my daughter on Nestle Goodstart formula. I am having a difficult time feeding my daughter. She takes to Nestle's Goodstart formula well. I have tried 3 ounces, but she would cry continuously So I tried 4 ounces, and the same result happened. Then 5 ounces. She improved slightly, but would still cry sometimes.

My daughter would keep crying sometimes, even while I am burping her and have gotten some burps along the way as well. She would also end up spitting up. After a bit of good burping she will stop crying.

I don't know, but 5 ounces just seems too much to me. When I touch her tummy, it feels quite full.

She is currently 2 months old, and weighs 9 lbs 1 ounces. She may have gained some more as her check up was last week.

What do you think, ladies? Please give me your feedbacks, or thoughts on this matter as it is really bothering me.



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Sherline - posted on 11/30/2009




Hi, my son is also 2 months and he weights in at 12lb 14oz as of his doctors visit today. I started breastfeeding then had to stop, and was on Goodstart. We found out a couple weeks later it was agreeing with him, finally we had to put him on Soy milk. My son typically drinks between 3-4 oz and I have put a little bit of rice cereal (per nurse) to make him full. I've notice he is sleeping 6 hours straight instead of waking up every two hours. You should make sure its not her formula upsetting her. Do you notice a change in her bowel movement? I would definitely consult with her doctor. Hope it helps

Iysha - posted on 11/30/2009




When my daughter was 9 pounds she was taking in about 4 ounces a feed and fed every 3 hours. My daughter also cries because I take the bottle away to burp her and sometimes cries up until she lets out a big burp. She just started taking in 5 ounces a feed, still every 3 hours, at 5 months...her corrected age is 4 months and she is now 12 pounds.

I would try 4 ounces and give her a good burping after every 1-2oz... wait a few minutes and see if she continues to act hungry....and give her a pacifier after the feeding if she's crying to rule out just wanting to suck on something.

Jan - posted on 11/30/2009




Consider baby has to adjust feeding from breast to bottle. Stick to the four oz of milk and then offer water, since they will be feeding again in 3 to 4 hours. When baby is full they usually stop feeding.

I also used similac with my children after breast milk; however, I did not abrubtly change from one to the other. I mixed the two, diminishing breast milk with similac for a couple of weeks, til the forumula became 100% similac.

Consider your baby may require more than 4 oz of milk if they sleep more than four hours between a feedings.

Sharon - posted on 11/30/2009




Feed her till she quits.

Babies don't measure their food, they are hungry or they aren't.

Feed, a few ounces, attempt to burp, then feed some more.

Gina - posted on 11/30/2009




Thank you ladies for your tips/feedbacks.
I have tried feeding Callie less than 5 ounces but she will just keep crying. 5 ounces seems to satisfy her but I think she has gas which is why she cries. So I tried burping her every two ounces and it seems to help greatly-- thanks to whoever shared that tip! :)

Also another thing-- since I began feeding her formula she poops A LOT more. Well regularly, but when i say a lot more, I mean by her filling up the diaper big time! Is this normal? I'm afriad with the amount of poop coming out, wouldn't she be hungry again after being fed? I don't know. Let me know, ladies!

Thanks again, appreciate it. :)

Jennifer - posted on 11/28/2009





when my son was 2 months old (around 9lbs) he would drink anywhere from 3-5 oz. his Doc. told me that if he acted hungry then try feeding him an oz more if he wanted it but, if her tummy feels hard she might be full. sometimes gassy babies act hungry.. have you tired any gas drops after the feeding time.. it is safe for any age.

Rucinda - posted on 11/28/2009




hi lm not sure how much millilitres that is but my babys now 7 mnths and he drinks 250 mls (sorry l dont know it in ounce) l've always made more mls formula for both my kids as to what the tin says because they used to also cry for more. My doctor for Steven said there may be a few reasons- it can be that the formula's not strong enough so she'll drink more to get full. He also said it might be just winds that causes her to cry. My advise l give my baby his formula till he stops drinking then l know he had enough, l make sure all the winds are out and if he still cries l give him his dummy. My mum always said to me that a baby will stop when he had enough. l hope it helps good luck.

Shelley - posted on 11/28/2009




She might be taking too much air in from the bottle. try playtex bottles with the liners. they don't get as much air in there bellies while they are eating. good luck :)

[deleted account]

5 ounces is too much, i would give no more than 4 oz, and stop to burp around 2. if she is a hard burper, rub her back upward too while burping,,has helped in the past for me.

Lord - posted on 11/28/2009




my baby drank 6 ounces at 2 months she probably not full or the formula is not agreeing with her stomach tell the doctor and they will probably give her soy base formula to see f that make her fell better and stop the crying if she crys for more then 3 hrs is colic. even if u burp sh can stillave gas in her belly. i have 5 kids only one had colic my oldest one now 6 yrs and it was the formula and they change her from goodstart to similac

Anna - posted on 11/28/2009




I breastfeed but had to do both breastmilk and formula at first. My daughter would get an upset stomach. The thing about formula is the baby will keep eating even if she is full. burp her after every 2 oz. she may just have gas. But as long as she's healthy and gaining weigh its something that you need to ask her dr. Also, she may try overeating because of a gassy stomach which can cause the spit up. Don't worry feed her what she is hungry for try 5oz for a while and hopefully this will settle down. If all else fails call her dr. my daughters dr speaks with me prob 2 times a month. :D hope it helps

Sarah - posted on 11/28/2009




I did the same thing, but I put my daughter on similac sensitive because she was bad gassy when I was breastfeeding and she wouldn't go to the bathroom regularly.. now she's hardly gassy at all and she goes like clockwork to the bathroom.. she doesn't spit up as much either... but I usually try to feed her 4 oz. but some days she cries for more as soon as the bottle is out of her mouth.. like first thing in the morning she's eaten as much as 7 oz. the thing is, formula comes out of the bottle faster than breast milk comes out of the breast.. My mother in law said that it can vary daily or by feeding how much they want to eat.

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