How much is pooping too much?

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Hello to all the mommies out there. My son just turned 4 months 2 days ago. For the first 2 I breasfed but had to stop for personal reasons. During that time he would poop about 2 to 3 times a day. Which I know is quite normal. That was the situation with my first son. With the formula we have had no problems until about almost 3 weeks ago. You see after every feeding he would poop twice. Adding up he would go 8 or 9 times a day.

I took him to his doctor and according to her there is nothing wrong with him. As it continued I decided to get a second opinion and the second doctor told me that it might have something to do with him teething. But failed to give me any other posibilities. As the days are passing I can't help but continue to worry about it. Should I go seek other opinions or is it just me overreacting? Is this normal? You guys are my best bet since you deal with these things everyday.

PD. He is not losing weight but fails to sleep for longer than 2 hours straight whether its at night or during the day.


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Pooping changes go hand-in-hand with dietary changes. While it does seem like a lot, if your baby is eating, growing and not in any pain or discomfort, then don't worry too much about it. You have already seen two different doctors that are not concerned about his frequent pooping so I would take your cues from them. Things that can throw a baby's system off balance are teething (as mentioned by one of the doctors), growth spurts and slow downs, illness and food allergies/sensitivities. Food allergies often cause severe reactions like hives, swelling and GI pain with diarrhea, which it doesn't sound like your son has. That being said, he could still be reacting to something in the formula. You might try changing brands of formula to see if you notice any improvement. Also consider trying a soy-based formula if you are currently using a cow's milk based one. Soy formulas have all of the same nutrients.

As for getting him to sleep better at night: You can start giving him a little rice cereal before bedtime. Never put the cereal in a bottle--it ruins the nipple and increases the risk of choking. Mix some of his formula with the cereal and spoon-feed him. The cereal is more filling so he is less likely to wake up hungry. I will admit that this is some "old school" advice: Most pediatricians do not recommend feeding babies before six months, primarily due to the risk of over-feeding and creating obese kids. I say pay attention to your baby and his hunger needs. I fed my daughter rice cereal when she was 2 months old. She always slept through the night! We did not take away any bottles at this time--we simply gave her a bit of cereal before bed. by the time she was 6 months old, she had been eating cereal for a while and was already starting pureed foods. She is now 12 and petite but healthy! My personal theory on this is babies are growing rapidly and some need those extra calories and nutrients that they just can't get from formula alone. Be aware that any changes to your son's diet WILL create changes in his pooping routine too! Hope this helps and good luck!

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up until my son started cereal (which we started at 4 months) every time he passed gas he was normal for him. all babies have different "normals" for their bodies. formula fed babies (which mine was as well) do tend to poo more then bf babies who can go for a couple of days without a poo. like louise said, if he's eating well and not losing weight then i wouldn't worry too much. i know it's not fun to be changing that many and if he's not sleeping too well then maybe ask the dr about cereal before bed (not in the bottle though!). that's the age my dr suggested it as my son had been sleeping through since 6 weeks then stopped around 4 months. she told me to give him cereal before bed he began sleeping again. gl

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My 6mth old son changes from day to day. He is on formula and has started solids twice a day. Last week he didnt poop for 2 and half days and today he had 4 dirty nappies within an hour. My GP and health care nurse have both told me this is normal and as long as they are happy, eating and growing not to worry. If you are worried I would get another opinion if not for any other reason as to put your mind at ease.

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I would make sure you have excellent butt got a Pooper that's for sure! Formula fed babies most definitely poop more than bf'ing babies. It does sound excessive though. Maybe try a "gentle ease" type formula? It never hurts to get another Dr opinion. This is your baby after all. If one can't give you the answers, find one that can!

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As long as your son is growing and feeding well then I would not worry. When you start solids his bowel movements will change again. However 8 times a day does sound excessive to me if you are worrid then go back and ask for another opinion. But at the end of the day if your son is happy in himself, not in any discomfort and eatting well then that is all that matters.


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Leone - posted on 12/10/2010




I just want to thank all you moms out there for responding so fast. It truly eased my nerves to hear that this is quite normal and that most important of all is that he is not losing any weight and that he is happy.
Thank you thank you thank you.

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