how much is to much when you are pregnant?

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i am 34 weeks pregnant and i have been having contractions every 2-4 mins since last sunday, ive been in the hospital twice one over night stay and ive been on trebutaline every six hours and they gave me 3 bags of mag sulf while i was in the hospital, even with all of that my contractions are not slowing down they are just getting stronger. when i was seen at the doctor today they put me on the monitor and seen i was still contracting, babys heart rate was fine but no fetal movement, they shocked my stomach to get her to move. My doctor also said that he is worried i may rupture (i have had two previous csections) and he doesnt like me being so far away from the hospital. but yet he wont deliver my baby. i know the longer she stays in the better but i really dont know how much i can handle the meds make it to where i can barely eat im only getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night i cant work anymore because im on bedrest and i have two other children to take care of and bills to pay.....any suggestions?

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