How much should one spend for Christmas presents?

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i have one daughter 17 and two sons both 16, how much should i spend on Christmas present? How much do you send?


Ev - posted on 12/17/2017




I agree with Michelle on that. Kids do not always get what they wish for. My parents were very poor but my sis and I always had good Chrismases. The ones I remember the most were when we were under the age of 10. I wished for a bike really bad one year. My parents could not afford a new one for each of us--two kids. So they found an old bike and painted it for me---I wanted a red and white bike hence the paint job. They did get my sis a new one but I did not care...mine was red and white. We also another year got a table and set of chairs and baby beds. My dad built the table and baby doll beds. Another year my sis and I wanted rag dolls...all cloth dolls. We got the girl dolls the first year and the last year we go the boy dolls. We also got a lot of clothing and needed items too. The other things that we seem to remember most or I do is looking down through a floor heat vent and seeing how much Santa had left and also laying under the bottom branches of a real tree and look up at the lights on the tree.

Michelle - posted on 12/16/2017




Just because children wish for something, doesn't mean they get it.
I spend what I can afford and most of the time it's not exactly what they wanted but still appreciated.
With my older one I have been getting him gift vouchers as it's easier for him to choose what he wants. I do also get him something to open.

Carol - posted on 12/16/2017




I spend the same amount on each as I feel it would be unfair otherwise even though no one would think about the money amount.
However I do believe you should only spend what you can afford.
So it’s hard say as we all have different amounts of useable income


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