How much time is healthy on xbox, smart t.v and ipod per day?


Kim Lorraine - posted on 04/13/2014




I wrote question and what i have been doing with my just now turned 17 son is, 2,hrs on school nites with xbox and ipod he gives to me at 10:00 after going thru alot of sneaking, lieing and deception with ifone, ipad and ipod up all nite on one these devices.Soo school ipad is handed in at end of school day.I told them i did not want it comming home anymore.Also took ipod for 3 mths after issue after issue and xbox and smart t.v r taken away for consequences.Im sooooooooooo tired of dealing with these dagom devices and feel like throwing them all OUT. He is soo obcessed with these things that consume all his time and family time. He just got his ipod back after 3 mths and i already c an attitude taking it from him at 10:00 at nite and really expects me to believe hes just goung to listen to music.No way, ive caught him up time and time again all nite on school nites.So all devices r taken and remote to t.v and remote to xbox. Its only way i know hes going to sleep. Also wants to take ipod to school.I told him no, school is for learning, not being on ipod, once again, "im just going to listen to music". I tell him, u really think i believe this?? I would like to throw every device away.He does work and has paid for all his devices, except smart t.v, i bought him for his bday. Y i dont know???? I also use all his devices for consequences and sometimes for a mth, everything is taken.This last time it was 3 mths before he got everything back, for sneaking out, getting sooooo drunk, he remembers none of it and it was a terrible nite with him throwing up all over, shoving and cussing at me. Soo he lost everything, including t.v. 3 mths.I have him in great counseling and i feel his drug and alcohol issues before i fostered him, has been replaced with addiction to all his devices.Would love to know how other parents deal with these same issues.Im soo over dealing with it all and will probably make decision to have him sell his ipod and xbox and get a fone with just text and talking. Get his mind on more constructive things.I dont want to b apart of his addictions.Suggestions and imput on what other moms feel about my choices would b greatly appreciated.:-). Frustrated mom in tx panhandle!!!!!!

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