How much TV do your kids watch?`

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Just wondering, how much TV do your kids watch. Do you have a strict limit, certain program only, your is it on all day? I know that too much TV is bad, but how much is too much? Your thoughts please ladies....


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I don't think there's a hard and fast rule about tv. And every child and family will be different. In our house, my 3 year old watches an hour of PBS in the morning, while I make breakfast and get dressed. During the day we run errands, do crafts, play outside, cook, etc. On nights when my husband is working, she watches a movie while I clean the kitchen and put the baby to bed. She gets between 1-3 hours of tv a day. I think tv is okay under two conditions...1. the kid has other interests that occupy more time 2. the parents supervise and make sure it's age appropriated, not too scary, etc.

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i have 2 kids.. one is 10 weeks old and the other 19 months i have austar and have the tv on a lot during the day in the background.. putting on cartoons helps me to entertain the older one while im feeding the younger one!! as long as they are active and do other things besides just watching tv.. like getting outside a bit each day then who cares what is or isnt the right amount of time for children to watch tv!! ur there parent and u should be the one to decide that! and im sure u will do a great job making that decision]

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I really think it is a personal decision. During rainy days my oldest (6 years) will watch an average of 4-6 hours of tv programming (my other two are 2 years and 4 months and have no interest in tv). Then there are days that she doesn't watch any tv at all. I think that on days that the kids are in school 1-2 hours is max and weekends should be restricted to 2-4 hours a day. I think the biggest concern is balance. If your children are out riding mountain bikes for 3 hours straight, then I see no problem with a little more time in front of the tv. Yet if they are mostly sitting such as reading or drawing or playing videogames, then they need to be more strictly limited so they do not spend all of their time sitting. It's really up to you. You know your children and their activity levels best. You need to decide what amount of tv viewing balances out with the rest of their lifestyle :)

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I'd like to know too. When mine (2yrs&4yrs) get up too early, one of the only sane things we can do together is watch kids programmes. I do draw the line at anything violent. They're so relaxed and willing to share their thoughts. I feel guilty sometimes, but they've been known to watch up to 4hours in a day. Is that too much?

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