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Chrystal - posted on 01/25/2012




I've only lost my cool a few times with my son and felt awful every time and made sure I said I was sorry to him. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and like I might start yelling I run a statement through my head over and over "he's only a child; he doesn't understand; I will not yell" and I take deep breaths that helps me to calm down so that I can think of a better way to handle the situation. I've even put myself in timeout once or twice because I knew that I was getting to upset so I'd say mommy needs a time out and I'd go sit on the floor for a few minutes. I think it's actually a good thing that my son sees I'm getting upset and instead of flipping out I do the right thing and take a timeout to calm down. Getting down on their level and speaking firm but calmly is really the best way to deal with children but sometimes moms have bad days and remaining calm takes a bit more effort.

Jamana - posted on 01/25/2012




its easy , You see my Son is a Toddler and instead of Yelling at him when he do something wrong , I'll set on the Floor Facing him and Talking to him in a very Soft Tone on how it Will better if he Just for example took all the toys and put them in the box , and u know actually it works because once i did that and since that whenever he finish playing he collect all his toys and put them in the box ,

i know how hard you can manage not to yell at them , because sometimes they don't understand what u are trying to do , but whenever u understand what they want , you can confess them to do it in Your way :).

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