How often do you have Sex???

Theresa - posted on 02/18/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




Honestly Ladies how often do you have sex now after babies....
Is your sex drive better or non existent Vs your husbands after baby???


Jenn - posted on 02/19/2010




After my twins were born I couldn't wait the 6 weeks - 3 weeks later we were at it ;) I have a 4 year old son and 14 month old twin girls and I'd say we probably do it on average 4-5 times a week. I don't think we're the norm though - I've never told him no or said "I have a headache tonight" LOL He's the one to turn me down sometimes! Now with my ex on the other hand, I didn't want anything to do with it. I think how happy your relationship is has a lot to do with it, as does your own self-esteem. Sex is a very mental thing - if you don't feel good about the person you are with or about yourself, you're probably not going to want to do it, and if you do it probably isn't going to be enjoyable.

Kyle - posted on 02/18/2010




Wow, I wish I had a sex drive. My husband is lucky if he gets it once a MONTH. He usually doesn't even get it that much. We have went longer than 6 mos with out having sex. I have NO sex drive. I wish things were different but I think my body is broken because I have never even had an Orgasim. Luckily my husband doesn't seem to mind.

Candi - posted on 10/15/2010




it all depends. Some weeks we will have it every night and catch a nooner here or there, then we will hit a dry spell that will last a week or two. Some weeks are just rougher than others. Stress is the number one killer of sex drive

Sheree - posted on 02/18/2010




Before I had my daughter we were lucky if it was once a week or a fortnight. My sex drive has NEVER been this good, not that im complaining though :)

Tcordukes - posted on 02/18/2010




id say after my first i was so not into it at all, nothing hated the though of it i reckon for a good 12mths or longer. I did it out of duty ( as horriable as that sounds) for a long time, it was the same whilst i was pregnant as well my husband felt ripped off as all his mates would say things like "pregnant sex is the best, they want it all the time" so that didn't help much, with my second my husband was away for most of the pregnacy ( his in the Army) my son is now 15 mths old and i would say within 4mths i had it back.. i'm actually starting things now and that hasn't happened for a long time... say i still have a way to go before i'm back 100% but i'll get there... lol...
The hardest thing i find is switching off the brain when things get started i find i'm thinking about other stuff the whole time instead of thinking about my husband... lol

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Kimber - posted on 06/15/2011




Hello well we probbley have sex like 2 to 3 times a week!
my hubby would like for it to be more times a week,but it is me i think iam just so dang tired after dealing with both of our sons all day long all i really want to do is just seat,and relax! I love my hubby very,very much,just not that into it at the moment i guess!!

Cherie - posted on 02/19/2010




My son is 15 months old, I am 14 weeks pregnant and we probably do it 4 times a week. Our sex drives pretty much match up perfectly!

Sarah - posted on 02/18/2010




After my son was born, I didn't want to have sex because it still hurt for awhile lol! But, now that I'm all "healed up", my sex drive isn't what it used to be. I'm also on a medication that lowers sex drive anyway, so this doesn't help the situation either haha. My son is 5 months old & hopefully mine and my husband's sex life gets back on track very soon!

Ellen - posted on 02/18/2010




Usually around 3-4 times a week, depends on what is happening that week. We had sex right up until the week our son was born and then due to a c-section not for roughly 5 weeks after, but now were are pretty 'active' :)

Angie - posted on 02/18/2010




like 1x a week, we are both very busy with work and the kids. We work opposite schedules at the same job place, when i'm home he's at work, when he's home i'm at work. And we work till 2am. We only have 1 night off a week together, Wednesday, my husband get off of work at 7 and if he's not to tired we will spend the night together, it sucks! I wish it was more, but you do what you have to, to pay the bills.

Erin - posted on 02/18/2010




2-3 times a week? That's pretty good,Sheree LOL!! My sex drive definately went down the drain a bit. My son is 2 1/2 and it is not where it used to be. I'm a full-time student and stay at home mom, so my days are pretty tiring. We try to make time once a week, if we're lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki - posted on 02/18/2010




I have always had a high sex drive before baby we would have it at least every other day. around 7 months of being pregnant til until a month after my son was born I was too sore to do it. But once I was able to again back up went my sex drive, my husband isnt as much as a nympho as me. Plus some nights it takes awhile to get Ayden to sleep so the timing isnt great but we still have it 2-3 times a week.

[deleted account]

I've never really had much of a sex drive. Maybe that's why I don't really care that I haven't had sex since I was 6 months pregnant w/ my almost 2 year old son..... ;)

When I was married though.... unless it was restricted or I was having my period or something like that we USUALLY had sex 3-4 times a week. I wasn't interested that much and my ex was interested a LOT more.... apparently, since sex was one of his 3 'reasons' for leaving.....

Sheree - posted on 02/18/2010




My sex drive had never been as good as it is now that I've had my daughter. We probably only have sex 2-3 times a week, would like to more, but after my hubby finishes work and my tiredness it just doesnt happen as often as i'd like it to.

Abbie - posted on 02/18/2010




In the beginning it was slow!! Really I was tired, and sex was the last thing on my mind. I don't recall exactly how long it took, but I would say with in 6 months things got back to normal and our sex life got pretty close to normal. My sex drive isn't better or worse I would say its pretty close to the same.

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