How often do your parents come to your house to visit the kids?

K - posted on 06/24/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My mom always complains that she "never" gets to see her grandkids. When we go to see her (just over one hour away) once per month, she still complains while we are there, that we are never there. Yet she hasn't come to our house for six months, and probably a year before that. I'm tired of the guilt trip and the whining does not encourage me to see her more often.

My question is this - do you go to visit your parents more often than they come to visit you? Or the other way around? How often do your parents come to your house to visit?

I guess I just feel the road goes both ways. Thank you for your help.


Amy - posted on 06/24/2012




My parents are 4 hours away. My mother comes to visit once a month during the school year and stays for a weekend up to a week, my father comes every other month with my mom. They definitely come visit me more than I come to visit them but during school breaks and the summers we meet them half way and they take them for a few days at a time. My mom is semi retired so it's easier for her to make the trip than the other way around.

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Some people just like being miserable and can only focus on the negative. Once a month is pretty good, where she lives an hour away. And like you said, she could always come see you!

When she starts, just say, "Well, we're here now, so why don't we just enjoy each other's company?" And then change the subject.

Would your mom consider using Skype? That might help a bit as well. But honestly, I wouldn't twist myself in knots trying to please her. It sounds like she just enjoys playing the martyr.

Krista - posted on 06/24/2012




we are in the military so we live 24hrs away from our families.. we see them twice a year. once at the 4th of july and once at christmas! we usually go to their house so we can see the whole family. but in your case, yes it does go both ways..

Michelle - posted on 06/24/2012




well with my mom she lives with us now but when she didn't she was out to see my son all the time and we would bring him to see her as they are very close. Now with my daughter they live with us so both kids see my parents all the time. As for the mil we see them 4-6 times a year they come here more often then we go there as they come into the city for this or that and we are only another 20 mins down the road so they will make it a point to come see the kids. I never get any complaining though unless grandma has to miss something because she is working then, but I understand that I wouldn't want to miss firsts either. She had to miss my daughters first time on stage this year and was disappointed however watched my son in competition so did get to see one of them dance this year.


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