how often should i give my 6 months old baby water?


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Rina - posted on 05/07/2014




oh that's exactly what i meant, only the sippy cups then :) thanks alot for your reply sarah i was afraid i'm giving him less water than i should :)

Sarah - posted on 05/05/2014




The only water I would give my kids at 6 months was in their sippy cups as they were learning how to drink out of them. It is ok to give a 6 month water, but at 6 months they don't need water. Water should NEVER replace a feeding. If it is really hot outside and you have been out in the heat I can see offering some water, but other then having water in their sippy cup as they learn how to drink from it I would not offer any more water. They are still getting all the water they need in their diet through their milk.

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