how old ur kids got to be to get in pre-k r head start ?


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Dove - posted on 08/05/2012




Depending on the particular school it would be 3 or 4. I know the Head Start program where I live and... 4 year old special needs kids get first priority. Then 'regular' 4 year olds who are low income. Then 3 year old special needs kids. If there are any spaces left after that then they could go to low income 3 year olds.

If I waited until my kids were begging to go to school... I'd still have one (at 4.5) not IN school... who knows if he'll ever beg to go. ;)

I am a BIG believer in preschool though and since my son will start K in 2013... I know he needs to be in preschool now and it has absolutely nothing to do with academics.

Lisa - posted on 08/05/2012




It is different in all areas. Head start in our area is for low income people only, there really isn't a benefit unless the child is in a bad situation. Preschool and pre-k also varies per school an.d state. Don't send your child to school until they are ready. They do not read more quickly because you send them to school earlier. Read to your child at home, do other educational things at home if that is important to you.

Don't be in a rush, I always waited until my children were begging to go to school before I sent them. They enjoy school to this day. THey range from a high school senior to one starting kindergarten with many in between. All are advanced for their ages and have done very well. My oldest struggled with dyslexia and now has all AP classes and is applying to many colleges for next fall with several scholarship opportunities.

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