How's it work were you live?

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I'm from England and here it goes

Nursery around aged 3-4 years

Primary aged 4-11 years

High school 11-16 years (the law is going to change to 18 soon) and I think it should and children should be made to stay in school as i think 16 is know age for such big choices.

Any education after 16 at present is optional although if carried on you then attends college, then university.


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Im in canada as well, in Ontario

Preschool (daycare option) is from 3-5

JK/SK (junior and senior Kindergarten - part of elementary school) is 3-6

elementry school - grade 1 through 8 - approx age 5/6 through to age 12/14 - depending on when you started school and when your birthday is

You MUST have your child in school in SK for age 5.

High school is approx age 13/14 - 17/18

You can opt for college or university afterwards but it's not forced.

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Vancouver, Canada (it's not the same nationwide):

Pre-school: 3-4 years

Kindergarten: 5-6 years (part of elementary school)

Elementary: 6-12 years

High School: 12-18 years

All of the above are available publicly and free and are mandatory. After age 18 university, colleges, and trade and technical schools are all optional and user pay.

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US Approximates

Preschool 3-5

Kindergarten can start as early as 4, but some kids are 6 first. 5 is 'average', so I'll give average ages for the rest

1st-5th... 6-11 years old

Middle school (6th-8th).... 11-14

High school (9th-12th)... 14-18

College is optional

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