How should I discipline my 1-year-old for hitting/kicking/scratching?


Evette - posted on 07/19/2009




I agree that time out is the best discipline for hitting, but it is difficult to sit a 1 year old in time out. If you tell your child to be nice and play nice constantly they will get the point eventually. Boys are generally just more rough and enjoy wrestling. My little girl is one and when other children hit her I tell her to tell them that is not nice and take her away from where they are at. I have heard other people tell their children to hit other children back and I think that is absurd. My one year old is very sweet, but she will smack her 3 year old brother if he is harassing her. I tell her it's not nice to hit him, but also try to be understanding of why she is reacting that way. All you can do is show your 1 year old how to treat others and how to react to others in a calm and collected manner.

Satu - posted on 07/19/2009




the thing that has worked for me is that I go on my knees so that we are eye to eye level with each other, I grab (gently) the child's arms and say "no hitting, it hurts. don't hit mom/brother/sister". eye contact and a low tone of your voice is important, so they understand that you are serious. if the child continues to hit or kick, i'll put them on a timeout. you can use a chair or like me, their own bed. usually a 2 minutes is enouhg to them to understand that they should play nice (you can also use the age, when you decide how long is the timeout, 1 year = 1 minute,2 year=2 minutes etc.) but this routine is something that you'r gonna have to do time and time again, so be consistant with it. hope this works for you!

Robin - posted on 07/19/2009




my niece when she was a little older she started punching... i wouldnt do it hard but id give her a little nudge to where she felt it and said it doesnt feel good does it.. she quit that really quick!

Tammy - posted on 07/19/2009




The only thing that worked for me was time out. Make sure it's constant. Set a timer for 1 min and ever though they are one, they catch on quick.


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Tyra - posted on 07/19/2009




is there an anger issue here? was she mad at you because you went shopping, or some such thing, or is this a continual problem....if so time out or slap her hand

Renae - posted on 07/19/2009




I have a 17 mo. old and we give her time out but we explain to her that she's getting time out because she hit and hitting hurts and whatnot and we always repeat it once we go get her from time out and we also try to throw the idea of "giving love" and saying sorry in there so she can start to get used to having to apologize. Now that she's almost a year and a half we do 90 second timeouts. We always make sure there's nothing around her (no toys, nothing she can have "fun" with during time out). She's still hitting but our pedi told us to just keep being consistent and eventually she will get it. I think at their age, while they do understand what they did got a negative reaction, they don't quite grasp the concept of thinking of consequences before the action...that's ultimately what we're tying to teach them but in due time, they'll learn.

Tamara - posted on 07/19/2009




I have always redirected the behaviour at that age. Now that my daughter's closer to 2, I make a very exaggerated sad face and turn away from her a little while telling her that its not nice to do hitting/kicking/scratching, etc to show her the severity of her actions. I also pair this with the constant showing her that we use a "gentle touch" by softly stroking her cheek or her hair. Most times a simple reminder of "gentle." will get my LO back on track.

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