How should i discipline my 2 yr old, who is constantly hurting his 6 mth old brother ?

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My 2 yr old is very defiant. time outs dont work anymore, and we've tried putting him in his room for 2 minutes at a time, but he bangs on the door and screams. ill tell him not to touch something and he tells me no! He is constantly hurting his 6 month old brother, from throwing toys @ him to pushing him when he crawls; you name it he does it. We HAVE a daily routine that includes one special activity he does but im limited to what i can do because i live in an apartment building.He does love his brother and he does know how to be nice to him but it seems he lashes out pretty much out of boredom ..i just cant seem to be able to put my lil one down without my 2 yr old hurting him. any advice?????


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punishment doesn't work well at this age. redirecting him whenever he starts to get mischeivous and also showing him over and over how to treat his brother is what he can understand right now.

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