How should I handle insults from people who don't understand ADHD, but tend to judge

Dorothy - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My mother-in-law died recently. Seems that all this time (10 years), my in-laws think my kid is just a brat, and I never discipline her. She has ADHD, and only a few really understand how difficult this can be. My frail, feeble sister-in-law went off the ledge over my daughter being in a

room, out of everyone's way, as they were going through all the stuff left behind and trying to sort it all out, When they approached the room my daughter was in, my sister-in-law lost it, grabbed my daughter by the back of the head, and yanked her and threw her out of the room, and spewed something like, 'you shouldn't be here. You have no right to be here!' I've since learned that the entire family pretty much feels the same way. I have kept my mouth shut only for my husband, but I will not, nor will my daughter, ever be in their presence again. Am I wrong? Am I just too sensitive? Should I expect to be judged constantly because some random person doesn't understand, or 'believe' that ADHD is real?


Vicki - posted on 10/10/2012




I dont blame you for being upset at all! nor do i think your wrong. You sister in law has no right to put her hands on your daughter. I think if it were me i would stay away too! As far as im concerend putting her hands on your daughter crosses the line and at thispoint i wouldnt care what my husband thought of it. Soetimes you have to keepyour distance when there is negativity even if it is family.

Hng in there i know its tuff :)

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