How should I handle this situation at work?

Brittany - posted on 08/15/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




This lady I woke with on weekends is pushing my buttons and is such a fake. So yeah for a normal working person there is always that ONE person at work that just gets under their skin at the sight of them. Mine happens to be named Heather and is the morning cook. I work at a mom and pops restaurant as a cashier part-time just to bring a little cash in instead of just the hubby. Well the days in go into work in the mornings, which is the time she works, it takes all my strength not to just pour hot grease on her face. So anyway's, she has this cocky I am better than you attitude since she is all buddy buddy with one of the bosses. When my father, who is the manager, is around she does not say a word to me. She spreads rumours that I will be quitting and when I return the following day the waitresses, who I love and they love me, are shocked and say "wow, she said you weren't coming back." We do not have a clock in station we write our times in on the time sheet if they are not already put in, and she will go behind me and change my time trying to reduce my hours and pay. I have only been working there since the beginning of May and at first she was all okay, she annoyed me but I did not mind her.
One time I was talking to one of the waitresses about my son and my dad saw her with a snoty look and said "Isn't it just so nice seeing two princesses talking?" She said "Well my momma said if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it" then my dad said something and I said "My told me to say whatever I need to say and if they cannot handle they can go fuck off." My dad and the waitress laughed but she walked off. I usually ignore her. But lately she just does more and more to annoy me and I have to strain myself from reaching across the counter and bitch slapping her. She is such a smart-ass too. One time I was trying to figure out how to make hot tea (I did not know where anything was) and she said "hot water, a coffee cup and a tea bag" all I could say was "Yeah, thanks I have never made tea before" Seriously. I am about to purposely and happily get myself fired. I cannot stand one of the owners anyway's, my brother worked there two years ago and because the guy was in a pissy mood and my brother accidentally put the wrong thing into the fryer he pour the grease on my brother, so needless to say my mother and I have restrained ourself already from killing the guy.
When my dad is there she will not say anything to me unless he is outside and it is always a smart-ass comment, such as one day I was washing windows, PART OF MY JOB now, and she doesnt want to pack up a to-go order and gets bitchy and ask one of the waitresses to do it since I was lalegagging around. The chick is scared of my mom, who in which I express about everything that happens at work, yet she still continues. My mom told me to keep being all nice and polite and making smart-ass remarks back to piss her off more which I do but she just pushing my buttons more and more. She sees my son and is all awwwww such a cutie and plays with him, she hits on my husband all the time and when he leaves she always talks about him. She is 40 something years old! I just have no clue how much longer I can keep my fist from being upside her head, any advice?

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