How should I introduce solids

Gee - posted on 02/11/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 9 month old son Is just too picky with his food. I can't get him to eat anything much. I am trying to give him solids and it's jus not working out....


Jodi - posted on 02/11/2015




Uh, 9 months is not too early for solids!! They should be starting for practice around this time!

What type of solids are you feeding him, Gee?

Firstly, it can take many times of trying something before a child will eat it, so when you try a particular food item, you need to try it several times before trying something else.

Secondly, for some babies, it is about textures. For example, my daughter HATED purees or jar baby food (except for pureed fruit). She would refuse it and reach for things on my plate. She was about 9 months old before she started eating solids, but hated the texture of purees, so I ended up giving in and letting her have a few veggies off my plate a little bit mashed. So she never really went through a stage where she just ate pureed food. And let's face it, those jar foods are bland too.


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Michelle - posted on 02/13/2015




Like Jodi said, it can take a few times for them to get used to the different texture of solids.
Up until around 12 months solids are to get used to the taste and texture so not to be used as a replacement for formula.
If he doesn't want his formula in a bottle, try a sippy cup.

Gee - posted on 02/12/2015




I tried puree from the jar and homemade, sometimes with a little texture. At times he eats from my plate but not much. He doesn't even want him bottle no more. His doctor confirmed what you said that he should get his practice with solids now. I think I should be more consistent and patience. Thank you an lot jodi

Laurel - posted on 02/11/2015




9 months is a little to early for solids. try waiting a couple months then try

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