how should i make my girls sleep through the night???

Sadia - posted on 06/25/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have 2 daughters 4.10 and 3.5 they share a room but around 1 or 2 a.m. they come in my room... at first i tried to send them back 2 to 3 times every night but then i would spend a sleepless night so i started making their beds on the floor so when they came in at night i just tell them their bed is ready and they can sleep there.. but now that its summer vacations and i can afford to have many sleepless nights plz suggest how to make them sleep on their beds through the night... (they have a nightlamp and are not scared of sleeping in their room they just want to sleep with me) thanks in advance!!!


Neva - posted on 06/25/2011




If you want your kids to sleep in their own rooms, then you need to not let them get away with
coming to your room at night. Yes, you may have a couple of sleepless nights, but each time you give in, the process will take longer the next time. A couple of sleepless nights vs. months or years is worth it. I always suggest that children have a bed time ritual that prepares them for bed, and that is the same each night. Start with a snack if they get a snack before bed, then bathtime, jammies on, brush teeth and go potty. Then read them a story while they are in bed. Everything they need, like potty, drinks, etc. should be done at this time so that they can't use that as an excuse later. They might still try. After the story, tell them that it is bed time and that you expect them to sleep in their own beds. Tuck them in, kiss them good night and leave. When they come to your room later, then remind them that its bedtime and take them back to their rooms. If they come back again, then you simply take them back to bed but no more talking. Don't really look at them or talk to them, just put them back. Another thing that works at this point is if they keep getting up for you to sit on their bedroom floor and look down at the floor, not at them. As soon as a little foot hits the floor then you get up and put them back and go back and sit in your position. Your children may try to talk to you, ask you what you're doing, ask for potty or drink of water, etc. You should not answer just keep looking down. The first night is going to be the hardest, don't give up or give in. They will eventually will go to sleep. When they have slept in their own beds, then praise them for doing that. If you are consistent, the next night should take a lot less effort, and by the end of a week at max, they will be sleeping in their own beds. Since its summer, you might want to pick a week that losing some sleep won't matter as much. I used this with my children and my grandchildren. It has never really taken more than 3 nights and each successive night the time is less of an effort. BUT remember, if you give in or you start talking to them during the process, it will take longer. Hope this helps.


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