how should i react when my 2 yr old daughterr has her daily tantrums??

Amanda - posted on 06/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




it started a week after i brought my newborn son home fr the hospital, THE 1ST WEEK ALL SHE WANTED TO do was be mommys helper, but now i find i am having such a hard time with her, even just getting her dressed is a big mission, almost everything i do is a fight with her, I do include her with almost everything i do with the baby fr changing him, to bathing him to feeding him she loves to help, BUT LATELY when i ask her to do something she freaks out, throws stuff at me, slaps me, i just dnt no what to do or the proper thing to do, ANY ONE GOING THREW THE SAME THING??


Michelle - posted on 06/03/2012




It is just jealousy and if she gets the attention she wants by being bad then she will continue down that road. When my daughter starts throwing a tantrum we tell her to go cry in her room and we will see her when she is in a good mood. She runs off to her room has her hissy fit then comes back says she is happy now and the day continues it is a phase and she will outgrow it but until she does don't reward her tantrums with your attention. Flat out tell her mommy doesn't like it when you are this way and doesn't want to play I only want to play with nice happy girls and then walk away. She will soon get the hint that being nice and not throwing a tantrum is the better option.

Louise - posted on 06/03/2012




Just ignore the bad tantrums at home if you can. obviously if she is slapping you or attempting to slap the baby she needs to be brought up short on that. Get down to her eye level and tell her that it makes you very sad when she does this and you dont want her to do it any more. Be firm with her and ask her if she understands. Then when she gets into a paddy about something and you know she is going to lash out firmly say no. If she continues put her in a play pen with her toys and leave the room. This is all for attention so make sure she gets 100% attention at bedtime. A nice story just with mummy will settle her much better. Also tell her what a big girl she is and keep complimenting her on good behaviour. She will soon want to please you and stop.


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