how soon can I get pregnant after a c section


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Jodi - posted on 09/22/2014




Pregnancyplan is WRONG. Recovery after a CSection is NOT a few hours to a couple of days. This person and business is clearly looking at a liability claim if they claim this. It is MEDICALLY not suggested to get pregnant again until at least 12-18 months after a csection because your body needs time to heal. This Pregnancyplan person is only trying to sell a product and not actually interested in your wellbeing.

Ev - posted on 09/10/2014




Why are you in such a hurry to get pregnant again? The average wait is 6 weeks after a vaginal birth. For a C-section, I am not sure but you should go on your doctor's orders and follow it to a T. You are not ready to have sex after any kind of birth and it takes time for the body to adjust to not having the extra one inside to deal with too. Your body does not go back to normal right as soon as baby is born. It takes a few months to get back to what you were or close to what you were before you had a child.

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