How soon to get pregnant after Mirena?

Sarah - posted on 08/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been trying for a baby for nearly 2yrs. I had the Mirena coil removed on the 15/12/2010. When getting the coil out the doctor pulled and pulled and couldn't get it to come out.I have a good pain barrier but it really hurt I had to tell her to stop as I felt she was pulling apart of me out. Then Feb 2011 I was in the shower after intercourse and the coil fell out in the shower as u can imagine i was shocked but what fell out of me was the round cylinder part and strings. The Mirena is a T shape and what came out of me was missing the top part. I brought it to my doctor and she sent it off to be examined and it came back that the top part had moved down into the cylinder part when been pulled out. Before the coil I had a normal cycle every 28days and a 5 day period. Now my cycle is all over the place it can vary from 28,29,31 days and when I get my period its lasts anything from 1 too 3 days mostly one day and its not even red blood its a brownish discharge. I never had moods and sore breasts before Mirena now I get so sore and heavy breasts, my moods go crazy,my lower stomach swells out as if I am 4-5 months pregnant. I don't know my own body anymore. I am doing everything to get pregnant using ovulation kits,counting the days, having sex at the right times,taking my vitamins,eating healthy. I just don't know. I have thought I was pregnant a few times my breasts do be so sore,i am tired all the time and some months I feel sick. if anyone can help or has went through the same I am 32 and I have two children 14,10, I feel this is my last chance for a baby.I never had any prob getting pregnant b4 Mirena and now I am wishing I never got it in. Ironic I spent most of my life trying not to get pregnant and now when I want it more that anything I can't .Everyone i look at seems to be pregnant. My body clock is ticking and my partner too but its different for a man isn't it.He said I may relax but I can't. please someone help.

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