How to be a good step mother?

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My husband he had 2years old daughter. We have been together now 1 an half years. I help my husband to take care of his daughter from she 1year she 2an half year old, she live with us 2week in month like one week here and one week to her mom,but the problem is now she don't want to sleep alone she always cry until throw up. I put her in her own bed room and be there until she sleep but everyday in the middle of the night she always come to our own bed I tell my husband to bring her back to her own bed, but she always said that he too tired let she sleep here, then the problem come that I can't sleep I have to go always sleep in other bedroom. Other thing is she always cry when she want to get something and be on the floor until she get that thing. She be like that every time when she back from her mom home to us.

Now I begin to get tired and we fight all the time about this because I can't sleep. And I can't teach her. When I try to teac some thing to her like eating candy I set up candy day on every Saturday and have to eat food on table in kitchen. But my husband his always eat and leave chip bag and candy on living room table. Sometime when I say to him his just get mad to me. And the kid not believe what I said. I always put she to the time out but only 1min. Her father just said come here to my hug. And give her to do everything she want. I can't said anything at all. But now I said I want to broke up with him. He just sad but he not care about my feeling at all. I do everything in the house he only go to work. Even his kid I have to take care take her to day care before I go to work and pick her. I do everything like my own child but still I'm not good and when I try to teach her he just I push his child so much. And I should let her to do what she want, but I remember my parent always strick with me from I'm small un til grow up. I know I'm from Thailand I try already my best.


Michelle - posted on 08/17/2014




If your boyfriend doesn't want to step up and be the parent there's not much you can do. All you will do is create resentment between you and your step child if you are the only one disciplining her.
Maybe it would be good for you to take a break and let him deal with her himself. You could also suggest a parenting course for him or counseling together.

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