How to be more positive when your life feels not so much?

Miriam - posted on 08/20/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Its hard for me to keep friends because of the amount of "drama" in my life.
From kids who dont listen for many reasons and household messes to husband and family issues.

Its feels like every day there is more negative things to talk about then positive and having to vent or I will crash and burn. But others dont seem to have this problem or more likely they have an outlet I just dont have. I only have 4 friends and a mom. 3 of those friends are only a friend when they need me kind and 1 of those 3 more of a friend when her life has drama but when she is good I am not of value. My one real friend it feels like I am wearing her thin and my mom well we are not close.

I know part of the problem is I dont have many positive experiences to talk about. In part we only have one van and I have 5 kids so carpooling is not an option. My husband works all day and refuses to hand over the van as it is a lease and brand new. I do try to take the kids for walks but there are not a lot of places to go that dont require money. The park is so far away and we live on the highway with strip malls. Few fast food places and auto shops that kind of stuff. I try to do stuff in the house with the kids or by myself but that always turns out to be a disaster and hubby finds a problem where ever he can with what we do.

So hence the drama.......

I have come to the conclusion I need to find a way to but a better spin on my life and how I see it. I cannot change the way the house is as god knows I have sure tried and will keep trying. If I dont find a way to be more positive I will loose whatever friends I have and be alone again.... I do know I need to vent but how to vent much less. How to change and be more positive?

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