how to better raise my disrespectful children. HELP!!!!!

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Hi everyone! My name is Bailey, I am a mum of a four year old girl, a 3 year old boy, a ten year old boy, a set of 13 year old twins and also a 17 year old boy. When my seventeen year old was young, he was so well behaved but when he hit puberty, he started going bazaar!! He smokes all the time, he is sexually active and he has absolutely no respect for me. I can tell my twins are getting to the age that they might start acting up. I need your help as to what I can do to raise my children better.


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be consistent in your expectations, when they misbehave have consequences, and consistently enforce them.

For example, your 17 is smoking. Is it legal, where you live, for a person under the age of 18 to smoke? If not, then you can turn the place where he's purchasing in to the authorities, as well as having them talk with him about remaining within the law.

If he's sexually active, is he protecting himself, and his partner from STD's and pregnancy? If not, he needs a 'heads up' course on how to take care of a baby. Most community centers have those now, and he can be enrolled.

For the rest, lay out reasonable behavioural expectations: Be nice to each other, respect yourself, and all others in our home, respect our house rules, and follow them. If they cannot do so, then enforce consequences. No electronics, no socialising...and continue to enforce consequences.

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