how to boost my daughters appitite


The - posted on 10/23/2014




If she is eating solids now.

1.Stop all sweets, junk food, processed foods, and caffeine. This includes all sodas.

2. Give her fruits, nuts, seeds as snacks.

3. Dinner plate that will fit and just cover her two hands put on 1/2 the plate veggies, 1/4 of the plate a baked sweet potato with no additives, 1/4 a piece of baked chicken, beef, or porkchop etc.

4. lunch a simple depending on her age a half to whole peanutbutter sandwich is just fine.

5. For breakfast oatmeal is great just limit the sugar and salt.

If you are breast feeding still then something you are eating may not be something that is agreeing with her. Such as the list in 1.

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