How to change my daughters last name without her biological fathers consent


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/23/2014




If you are in the US, you CANNOT. Legally, in the US, you will have to petition the court for a name change. Process itself is easy, but the court will publish the petition for responses, and when her father responds with a request to not allow the change, you'll both have to see the judge to explain your position, and the ultimate decision will be the court's.

Additionally, since you're seeking to do this without letting the child's father know, I'll tell you that you do not have the right to deny the child access to her father, nor do you have the right to deny the child's biological father access to HIS child. This child is not YOUR property, she is your daughter. She's human being, and no matter what you think of the man you slept with when creating her, he's still her biological father, and has exactly the same rights you do to his daughter,


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Liz - posted on 04/23/2014




I second what Shawnn has said.

I also wonder at your reasons? Why do you want to erase this connection between your daughter and her father? Do you understand that this is not about you and your reaction to a man whom I assume now to be your ex? Your daughter's father is her father and will always remain so, no matter how inconvenient a parenting relationship will be to you.

If your daughter feels strongly about it without being prompted, that's a different matter, and she can pursue the legal name change process when she is an adult.

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