how to control my naughty baby boy of the age of 2.5 year old

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he is just throughing everything,and torn the paper and books,even slap me and his father to understand his feelings and make him a disciplened child


Cecilia - posted on 09/17/2013




First, he isn't naughty. His behavior at times might be seen as naughty but he is not.

Second, his job is to explore the world and figure out how it works. If there are things you don't want him into, move them where he can't get to them, such as books. You can not expect them to have the self control just yet.

How do you understand his feelings, well first try asking him. He is 2 and a half. He might not always understand what he is feeling but talking to him about feelings will help him understand. When he does certain things explain to him how it makes you feel in a gentle way. Don't say things like "you make mommy angry." It's much better to say things such as, "when you don't listen to mommy it makes me upset" or "when you hit mommy it makes me sad"

Understand that toddlerhood is hard. You just gained the motor skills to do all these cool things and everyone is telling you NO!. The truth is they love independence. They thrive off of it. So let him feel it sometimes. Even if that means you take him to the park and stay back just a little and let him do it on his own, of course making sure he is safe. Allow him to walk beside the cart when grocery shopping. Explain to him that if he runs off he will lose the right to walk. After a few times of him losing the right he will get it, if he follows rules he can have more fun.

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