How to control twin rivalry without showing favor to one twin?

Janey - posted on 03/24/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Mother of 7 year old twin boys - My boys are awesome kids. But between themselves now that they are older I find them bickering about EVERYTHING. Its getting ridiculous. Where they sit, don't touch me, he's touching my foot, mimicking each other and the list goes on. My one son being the eldest of the two, I find is always the instigator?

How do I control this? I feel like I am forever telling him off and never his brother. I now think my eldest twin feels like he is being picked on and I'm favoring his brother. I don't know how to go about disciplining their bickering because its constant? I've tried everythaaaaaaang.

I feel bad everytime I teel off the eldest twin and my youngest twin is like just a good boy fullstop.

How do I deal with this? Anyone have tips or feedback? Experienced it before?

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